About products

Dermatude is the latest exclusive beauty brand developed by the NC Group, established in 1993. The company has since grown to be an international organization with its own production facilities, exporting to many countries around the globe.

BTL Industries Ltd - established in 1993, BTL has become one of the major world manufacturers of medical devices.  The BTL’s aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices that represent the best in body contouring, fat reduction, skin tightening and anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite care.

Sterishoe is company wich offers for clients SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer to take shoe care to a new level by offering millions of customers an easy, safe and clinically proven way to sanitize the inside of their shoes.

KaWe From that factory in 1890 has arisen a modern medical technology enterprise. Today, KaWe products can be found on nearly all continents.

Mariotti Micromotors & Milling machinesis well known Italy company which manufactures equipment for podiatry and odontology 

DERMEO is France compaing which manufactures medical pulsed light systems and cavitation devices with best technical characteristics for the best results.

UMP (United Medical Partners AG) is the Switcerland company which manufacture


LID is company in France which has  a long experience and know-how in the manufacture of lighting techniques.

Intros was established on 1998 in Germany. Company is producing high quality laser for aesthetic medicine and another range of doctors.