Radio Lifting

EXILIS is the best aesthetic system on the market due to the Simultaneous use of radiofrequency, ultrasound and advanced cooling in a single handpiec




What EXILIS does?

EXILIS is a significant technological advance in aesthetic applications. Exilis patented technology uses controlled deep heating to the tissue through simultaneous application of Radio Frequency (RF), Ultrasound and fully adjustable Advanced Skin Cooling.
Exilis is the only Monopolar RF system to incorporate ultrasonic energy in one handpiece. The mechanical effect of ultrasound helps create separation of the fat cell clusters, allowing more efficient RF thermal delivery to adipose tissue.

• Fat volume reduction, cellulite reduction
• Skin tightening anti-aging effects
• Skin texture improvement
• Wrinkle reduction
• Smoother and younger looking skin
• Enhanced collagen production

What results?

• Reduces wrinkles based on collagen remodeling and rejuvenates face with supplemental anti-aging effects
• Provides effective body contouring for all your aesthetic practice clients 
• Utilizes revolutionary new platform for volume reduction and recontouring of problem body areas
• Results in skin tightness, tissue volume, tone, and elasticity

Adavantages over similar systems

• The best homogeneity and penetration depth due to the simultaneous combination of Ultrasound and Monopolar RF in a single handpiece
Energy Flow Control (EFC) system for ultimate power and safety
• The most Advanced Thermoelectric Cooling – RF with the depth control of a laser 
• Treat Deep for Fat then Heat Skin for Tightening with one applicator in one site
• The only system with built-in thermometer for total therapy control
• Best Body Applicator ever designed
Comfortable treatment: due to the unique combination of RF, Ultrasound and Advanced Cooling the energy is delivered to the patient without any discomfort
• No expensive disposables (common with most other technologies)
• Supported by extensive research
• No harm to body organs proven by biochemical testing
• Clinically tested both in vivo and in vitro



Absolutely new standards of security

The installed EFC software controls the energy flow and automatically eliminates energy peaks. This process is known as the Square (“Flat Top”) Spectrum Energy Profiling and is a unique feature of Exilis highfrequency therapy. Exilis ensures uniform energy distribution – allowing safer, faster and more efficient therapy


Collagen refill technology







Advantages for facial treatment

• Advanced design allows for total control even around the eyes
• Finally, measurable results without discomfort
• Easier, faster, more efficient facial treatment
• The safety of Energy Flow Control allows delegation to trained personnel












How it works?

• The collagen fibers triple-helix structure is affected by heat and this initiates the unravelling process
• The synergy of focused Monopolar RF and Ultrasound waves mechanically disrupts collagen fibers and quickly and efficiently dissociates the collagen structure
• Natūralus gijimo procesas išprovokuoja fibroblastus veikti - pradedamas naujų gražių
• The natural healing process evokes fibroblasts to actively produce new collagen fibers The skin structure is refilled with new collagen


Photos before and after